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Tue. Jan 14th 2020
2020 Line Officers: Chief Daniel Wauthier, 1st Assistant Chief Mike Magdich, 2nd Assistant Chief Brian Davis, Captain Brad Falick, 1st Lt Brett Witte, 2nd Lt Frank Gardner
Tue. Jan 14th 2020
2020 Executive Officers: President Brian Davis, Vice President Terry Tackett, Secretary Joseph Kauer, Treasurer John Stavish Jr, Trustee Lisa Davis, Trustee Erin Gardner, Trustee Patrick Magdich, Sgt ...
Sun. Nov 24th 2019
Congrats to Firefighter Roman Iannone for successful fulfilling all the requirements and testing for his FF1 certification!
Thu. Oct 31st 2019
Congrats to Captain Brad Falick and Firefighter Noah Magdich for successful fulfilling all the requirements and testing for their FF1 certification!
Mon. Apr 29th 2019
Congratulations to our two newest certified interior firefighters Roman Ianonni and Noah Magdich for successfully completing Module 4 and Essentials training program!
2018 Officers
Mon. Feb 5th 2018

2018 Line Officers :

Chief Daniel Wauthier

1st Assistant Chief 1 Mike Magdich

2nd Assistant Chief 2 Brian Davis

Captain Jason Magdich

1st Lieutenant Brett Witte

2nd Lieutenant  Brad Falick


2018 Executive Officers:

President Brian Davis

Vice President Terry Tacket

Recording Secretary Joe Kauer

Treasurer John Stavich

Sgt. of Arms Joe Klein

Trustee Patrick Magdich

Trustee Lisa Davis

Trustee Erin Gardner


In order of photo:

Klein, Witte, Wauthier, L. Davis, Gardner, Falick, M. Magdich, Tacket, B. Davis, P. Magdich, Stavich, J. Magdich, Kauer

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54 entries in the News

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