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Tue. Jan 14th 2020
2020 Line Officers: Chief Daniel Wauthier, 1st Assistant Chief Mike Magdich, 2nd Assistant Chief Brian Davis, Captain Brad Falick, 1st Lt Brett Witte, 2nd Lt Frank Gardner
Tue. Jan 14th 2020
2020 Executive Officers: President Brian Davis, Vice President Terry Tackett, Secretary Joseph Kauer, Treasurer John Stavish Jr, Trustee Lisa Davis, Trustee Erin Gardner, Trustee Patrick Magdich, Sgt ...
Sun. Nov 24th 2019
Congrats to Firefighter Roman Iannone for successful fulfilling all the requirements and testing for his FF1 certification!
Thu. Oct 31st 2019
Congrats to Captain Brad Falick and Firefighter Noah Magdich for successful fulfilling all the requirements and testing for their FF1 certification!
Mon. Apr 29th 2019
Congratulations to our two newest certified interior firefighters Roman Ianonni and Noah Magdich for successfully completing Module 4 and Essentials training program!
Engine 1251
2009 Pierce Arrow XT, First due on structures and fire alarms
500 HP Cummins diesel
6 person cab w/ 6 4500 psi Scott XG3 SCBA
1500 GPM pump with 550 water/50 foam
CAFS with 200 CFM air compressor
75 foot aerial with prepiped waterway, 1000 GPM monitor
10 Kw hydraulic generator, 7-750 watt floodlights
Full complement of ground ladders
1000' 5" hose, 600' 2.5" hose
Preconnects: 200' 2", 200' 2", 350' 2", & 200' 2.5" to a Blitzfire monitor
Bullard QXT thermal imaging camera
AED & refrigerator
Engine 1252
2004 Pierce/International, First due on misc.fires & RIT requests, second due on all other calls
275 HP diesel engine
5 person cab with 4 4500 psi SCBA
500 GPM pump with 400 water and 25 foam
CAFS with 140 CFM compressor and FoamPro foam proportioner
Honda 5Kw generator, 2 750 watt floodlights, 1 750 watt tripod
1000 feet 5" hose
Preconnects: 150' 1" booster reel, 150' 2", 200' 2", & 300' 2.5" to a Blitzfire monitor
Bullard QXT thermal imaging camera
Holmotro "Core" pump and combi-tool
20 gallons class "B" 1/3% AFFF/ATC foam with in line educator
RIT equipment, AED
Rescue 125
2016 Ford F550/Pierce
Ford V-10 gasoline engine
4 wheel drive with On Spot automatic tire chains
12 foot aluminum rescue body
12 volt LED scene lighting
Command Light Knight 12 volt LED light tower
Holmotro Core hydraulic rescue tool system
Paratech air bags
12000# hydraulic winch in front bumper
Two 4500 PSI SCBA
Bullard QXT thermal imaging camera
Squad 125
2011 Ford Crew Cab
F250 4x4 with Triton V8 engine
Seating for 5
4 4500 psi SCBA
2000 watt generator w/750 watt portable tripod
AED & first aid supplies
Multi position traffic arrow
All outfitting performed in house

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