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Volunteer Today

Can You Do It?

Would you help one of your neighbors in an emergency?

We do!

The Presto VFD is comprised of women and men who are compassionate about helping the community. But, as with all adventures, we need your help in continuing to provide the best we can offer.

Don't think you can help?

Don't have the time?

Never been asked? 

Everyone has a place in helping their neighbors!

Actual down and dirty firefighting does take a very special, dedicated person to accomplish safely. Do you have it in you to perform this task? We will provide everything you need to pursue fire as safely as possible.

But, the firefighting portion of our job is small compared to all of the other incidents we encounter! Something burning represents less than 10% of the incidents we respond to annually. Even at a working fire, 75-80% of the personnel on scene are supporting the people fighting the fire. In this day and age, the fire department is called to a myriad of incidents: vehicle accidents, wires down, fire alarms, CO alarms, etc. etc. Training is required to handle these situations quickly and efficiently, but it is not as intense as interior firefighting.

There is also the non-emergency side of our operations: administration, vehicle, equipment, and building maintenance, fundraising, public relations, fire prevention, and a whole host of activities outside incident responses.

So, to answer your questions:

Anyone with the willingness can assist their community through volunteering with the fire department.

Our name says it, "volunteer", you put time in when you have time. All of our current members have family, educational, and / or career obligations and interests and hobbies outside of the department. We have always stressed family first, work second, and fire department third.

We are asking you now to help us! The more personnel we have available, the better the chance of having enough responders when we are needed.

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