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Cash 1 winner @ $4000 and 2 winners @ $500


Get ready for your chance to win big! We're thrilled to announce our latest tip board where one lucky winner will receive a whopping $4000! But wait, there's more! Two additional winners will each receive $500!


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to snag some extra cash.


$4000 cash will be awarded to the seal number, and $500 cash to the number above and below.


300 Tips, $25 per chance


To be eligible to participate, you must be 18 years of age. **** To purchase tip please follow the link below. Only Square payments will be accepted. After you complete your payment, you will receive and email receipt. The names and numbers will be posted in the comments throughout the day. When all tips are sold Presto VFD will announce when they are going to go live to reveal the winner. Thank you for your support of the Presto VFD and Good luck *****once link open select your quantity then click donate*****  


Click here to purchase a chance

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